Exercise + Extra Sides

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At LCPS, many of our students are leading physically active lifestyles in and out of school. Whether it be participating in P.E. class, being part of the after school soccer team or taking a yoga class at your local community center… it can be taxing on the body if not properly nourished ahead of time. While being physically active is part of the equation to a healthy lifestyle, we can’t forget that these activities cannot be performed to its highest capacity without a proper diet in place.

Each day, our cafeteria staff is ready to serve our hungry students with nutrient-dense foods that can support students’ demanding schedules. Remember, each students’ nutrient needs are different so we recommend they speak with a professional to determine what food(s) and quantities are best for them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a meal containing several different food groups gives students the opportunity to obtain a variety of nutrients to help them perform more efficiently. Our lunch menus are designed to offer students a variety of options in each of the food groups every single day.

A five-star meal includes:






**A complete meal at LCPS must include three out of the five food groups mentioned above.


What’re you waiting for? Go, go, go to your school’s cafeteria and grab yourself a nutritious and delicious meal! Your body will thank you.



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