We know…it’s a bit cheesy.

It’s National Pizza Month! Yum!!

There’s always space on our menu for pizza! Elementary students can enjoy Big Daddy’s Primo pizzas for lunch every Friday. Middle and High school students can dive in for a variety of specialty pizza slices from Mickey’s. Grab a slice before its all gone for the day! These brands are new to our cafeterias this school year! (Last school year, we hosted a taste testing party and the students voted on their favorite brand.)

Mickey's Cheese Pizza Image 1                              Big Daddy's Cheese Pizza Image 1

Mickey's Pepperoni Pizza Image 1                              Big Daddy's Pepperoni Pizza Image 1

Mickey’s Pizza                                                     Big Daddy’s Primo Pizza

This month, try switching up your pizza order with something new. We’ve listed the links to the pizzas below to get you started. Be creative!

National Pizza Month H-O

Watermelon Pizza


Margherita with Cherry Tomatoes Pizza


Goat Cheese and Tomato Pita Pizza


Smoked Mozzarella and Sausage Pizza


Gluten-Free Mexican pizza


Greek Pizza


Healthy Vegan Pizza


Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza








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