School Nutrition Kicks Off Fall With Taste Parties

In October, Loudoun County School Nutrition Services took to the polls to have students from seven, K-12 schools to vote on new menu items that could be added to the breakfast and lunch menus next school year. A hand selected group of students from each school were brought into the cafeteria, where they were served these new items and asked to vote on them using emoji evaluation cards.

Some of the items students tried were: buffalo chicken legs, baked chicken with whole grain waffles, garlic knots, whole grain biscuits, buffalo chicken crunchers, sliced turkey, a variety of new red and black bean items, honey sriracha chicken, new soup recipes, street tacos, and the new vegetarian pepperoni for pizza to name a few.

After the students sampled and voted on these new items, the results will be tallied by School Nutrition Services and those items with high ratings will be included on the menu for next year.  School Nutrition relies on student feedback to incorporate items that they like and want to see on the menu.  Each year, different schools are selected to provide this opportunity to students across the county.

Last year, School Nutrition surveyed all secondary students to find out what they would like to see changed on the menus and this school year, those comments and concerns were addressed.

For more information on the menu and School Nutrition Services, please visit



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