Belmont Station Students Make Their Own Pizza For School Lunch

Earlier this spring, students at Belmont Station Elementary in Ashburn were given the opportunity to embrace their creativity in the kitchen for school lunch.  The group of 18 students worked with the cafeteria manager, Zikreta Bekric, to create their customized personal flatbread pizzas for lunch that day.  Students were able to come into the kitchen so that they could get a firsthand view of how things are prepared daily in the school nutrition program.  Sysco generously donated chef hats for all children to wear along with aprons.

While in the kitchen, the students learned about the importance of weighing and measuring ingredients to help them follow a recipe.  The students opted to make their own cheese or pepperoni pizzas and they were then able to select from the fresh fruit and vegetable options for that day along with their choice of milk to complete their lunch.  All of the students and teachers enjoyed their meals together while discussing their exciting morning in the kitchen.


The students admiring their freshly baked pizzas.

Loudoun County School Nutrition Services organizes various events similar to this both in and out of the kitchen at our schools.  We host taste parties for classes, school garden harvests, and partner with our administration to organize events during the school year so that children not only get excited about eating healthy and school meals!


All smiles while they eating school lunch!



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