Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats The Kids Will Love

No matter what age you are, we all love to get special Valentine’s Day treats!  While heart shaped candies and boxes filled with chocolate are usually the most popular items, here are a few healthier options to let your family know how much you care, without all of the added sugar and fat.

These Strawberry Heart Fruit Kabobs from Modern Parents Messy Kids are not only a healthy option, but strawberries are full of vitamin C to help keep their immune systems boosted!


Update their favorite PB&J sandwich by using heart cookie cutters to cut the bread to give it a special touch for the day!


This colorful fruit and yogurt parfait is not only festive but parfaits are always a school breakfast favorite with our students!  Even better, they are full of calcium to help promote bone growth!


These heart veggie kabobs make the perfect afternoon snack or a great addition to lunch or dinner!  To add protein, try alternating mozzarella balls between the cucumbers!


Let the kids help make a special dinner with these ever popular heart calzones!  Let them add their favorite veggies inside for an added nutritional bonus!




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